Psy 210 Outline
Developmental Psychology

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Instructor: Alexis Kennedy

Office: Room 3055

Office Hours: Monday  5 - 6 p.m. or by email arrangement


T.A.s: Emis Mohebat (

           Jodi Pawluski (


Class Time: Monday 6 - 9 p.m.

Text: Kail, Robert V. (2001). Children and their development (2nd ed.)  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all prerequisite requirements for this course as listed in the Erindale College Calendar.  If you lack any prerequisites for this course, the Department may cancel your registration at any time. 


The final mark in this course will be based on:


1)     Two 90-minute in-class tests (25%).  Tests will include multiple choice, short answer and essay questions based both upon the text readings, lecture materials and videos.  See the outline provided below for test dates.


2)     One 120-minute final exam (40%) to be scheduled during the December exam period.  This exam will be cumulative but will focus primarily on material covered after the November 11th test.  The exam will include multiple choice, short answer and essay questions based upon the text readings, lecture material and videos. 


3)     One 3-5 page written assignment (10%).  This assignment will be described during class time and is due on November 25th.  Assignments handed in late will lose 5% per day (including weekend days) unless accompanied by a medical note. 






September 9


Introduction to Developmental Psychology & Research Issues

Chapter 1


September 17


Genetic Bases of Development

Prenatal development, birth and the newborn

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


September 23


Physical and motor development

Chapter 4


September 30


Sensory & perceptual development

Chapter 5

October 7


TEST 1 (1 and   hours, covering classes 1-4 & chapters 1-5)


Piagets stages, limitations and recent research




Chapter 6


October 14




October 21


Information-Processing Approaches to Cognitive development


Chapter 7


October 28



Chapter 8


November 4


Language development

Chapter 9


November 11


TEST 2 (1 and   hours, covering classes 5-9 & chapters 6-9)


Emotional Development




 Chapter 10


November 18


Social development

Moral development


Chapter 11

Chapter 12


November 25



Parenting and abuse



Chapter 14


December 5


Peers & Media

Gender development

Chapter 15

Chapter 13


Departmental Policy on Missed Tests and Extensions:
All requests for make-up tests and extended time to submit term work beyond the last day of classes must be submitted on a special form (obtained from the Psychology Office, Rm. 2037B) to the Psychology Program Coordinator, Rm. 2075 within one week. Make-up tests will be written in a supervised context on specified predetermined dates. Further information about this procedure is available in the undergraduate handbook on the WWW at:
If you submit medical documentation make sure it contains the statement "This student was unable to write the test (or submit term work by the last day of classes, if applicable) on (date) for medical reasons". You are advised to see your physician within one day of the missed test. Many physicians will not provide documentation retroactively.