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Sex Offender Management Task Force of Southern Nevada



The Sex Offender Management Task Force of Southern Nevada has been meeting bi-weekly or monthly since the start of 2006. This Task Force was supported by a grant from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Administration. With guidance from the Center for Sex Offender Management (CSOM), the Task Force has completed a number of projects.


  1. System Maps – Two system maps were produced for both adult and juvenile offenders. These maps set out the steps involved in processing sexual offenders through the criminal justice system in Southern Nevada. The adult system map can viewed through the link below.
  2. Resource Lists – Resource lists were compiled for adult offenders, juvenile offenders and their victims. The victim resource list can be viewed through the link below. These lists are always being updated so changes or additions can be added by contacting Dr. Kennedy’s lab at
  3. Comprehensive Assessment Protocol – Through the hard work of many sub-committee members an extensive assessment of the current management of sex offenders was completed, guided by the CAP protocol provided by CSOM. The system was assessed in the following areas: Investigation, Prosecution and Disposition; Assessment; Treatment; Reentry; Supervision; Registration; and, Community Notification.
  4. Offender Profiles – A current profile of adult and juvenile sex offenders was completed and presented to the task force.
  5. GAPS analysis – Through group work, needs were identified by analyzing the information collected in previous four areas.
  6. Work Plan – The Task Force is currently identifying solutions and challenges for the management of sex offenders. The Task Force continues to meet and work on solutions for the following major goal areas: Goal 1:  To revise and/or create current judicial policies, legislation and regulations for adult and juvenile sex offenders; Goal 2:  Raise awareness about the need for funding for the DNA bank evidence; Goal 3:  Address the gaps in juvenile sex offender treatment; Goal 4:  Identify gaps in public and systemic awareness about sex offenders; and, Goal 5:  Create offender re-entry and housing resources.

Adult Sex Offender System Map 2007

Resource List

Dr. Kennedy is the Facilitator for the Southern Nevada Sex Offender Task Force.