C14 Cross-cultural Social Psychology
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Psychology C14 Assignment

DUE at start of class on November 17th 

For this assignment you will have to choose one research article on any cross-cultural topic to summarize and critique.  The article (one published between 1999 and 2004) should focus on a comparison of at least two different cultural groups.  Journals you could draw from include the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, International Journal of Early Childhood, or International Journal of Eating Disorders.  Be sure to include information on the purpose of the study, its hypothesis, methodology, the participants used, and critical findings. Incorporate your new knowledge about cross-cultural research pitfalls and considerations (Hint: Look at the topics covered in the 4th class and in your text book in chapter 2).  Pages 55-56 of your textbook outline 26 questions that should be answered when critiquing a cross-cultural research article.  What social, cultural, political, historical, environmental, economic, or religious factors do you think may have shaped the research focus of this study?  A good article on critically summarizing research articles can be found at (http://www.hcc.cc.fl.us/adjunct/darren_smith/bbs-gwcr.htm). 


This assignment must be typed and double-spaced with 1" margins, and should have a total length of between 2-3 pages (longer than 3 is okay, but shorter than 2 full pages is not).  Your paper will be graded on both content (what you say, organization, logic, clarity, etc.) and form (how you say it, spelling, grammar, formatting, etc.).  You should always keep a copy of your assignment (either on computer disk or a photocopy) for yourself before you turn it in to me.  This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade.  Assignments handed in after November 17th will lose 5% per day (including weekend days) unless accompanied by a medical note.  Assignments handed in after November 17th should be emailed to me (to assess how many days late it is) and then left in my mailbox.  Please remember the academic integrity rules, this is an individual not a group assignment.